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    WildCats #1
    WildStorm  ·  Mar 1st, 1999  ·  $2.50

    The series that launched Jim Lee's WildStorm Productions returns as the first new book to be released by WildStorm under the wings of DC Comics, in a special edition featuring six different covers! It has been six months... View »

    WildCats #2
    WildStorm  ·  May 1st, 1999  ·  $2.50

    Ever wonder why they call her Voodoo? Priscilla is about to find out when she meets a Daemonite Shaman prepared to teach her exactly why their alien race is the most feared and hated in all the Omniverse! (Hint: It has surprisingly... View »

    WildCats #3
    WildStorm  ·  Jul 1st, 1999  ·  $2.50

    Still having flashbacks of parochial school days? Just be thankful you weren't a student at the institute of learning in this issue! The demonic headmaster at this all-girls school wields more than a ruler and passes... View »

    WildCats #4
    WildStorm  ·  Sep 1st, 1999  ·  $2.50

    The dramatic events bridging the gap between WILDC.A.T.S Volume 1 and the exciting WILDCATS Volume 2 are finally revealed! What caused the 'Cats to split apart? Where are Zealot and Warblade? Venture into the not-too-distant... View »

    WildCats #5
    WildStorm  ·  Nov 1st, 1999  ·  $2.50

    A special issue featuring art by THE AUTHORITY's Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary! What begins in a seedy L.A. liquor store turns into an exciting adventure in the newest issue of WILDCATS. When a nearby street gang lingers... View »

    WildCats #6
    WildStorm  ·  Jan 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Since Zealot's death, Grifter and the nefarious Kenyan have become fierce enemies. Now, thanks to Noir's mysterious — and somewhat illegal — connections, the 'Cats have finally gotten a serious lead... View »

    WildCats #7
    WildStorm  ·  Feb 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    The return of the most eagerly anticipated character of all! One of the longest-running subplots of the original WILDC.A.T.S was Pike's pledge to kill a WILDC.A.T.! Now the villain finally gets his chance on the war-torn... View »

    WildCats #8
    WildStorm  ·  Feb 23rd, 2000  ·  $2.50

    The series goes monthly with the debut of its new creative team!An exciting new era for the Wildcats dawns in February's WILDCATS Volume 2 #8 as the book goes monthly, with a new writer-artist team set to amp up the... View »

    WildCats #9
    WildStorm  ·  Mar 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    The new creative team of writer Joe Casey and artist Sean Phillips hits new heights with a wild Las Vegas adventure! The Wildcats hit Vegas as the screws tighten on Emp and Kenyan! The search for all the answers continues... View »

    WildCats #10
    WildStorm  ·  Apr 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    The first storyline from the creative team of writer Joe Casey and artist Sean Phillips concludes as the final fates of both Lord Emp and the immortal villain, Kenyan, are revealed! Their secret history finally out in the... View »

    WildCats #11
    WildStorm  ·  May 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    It's the return of Ladytron! Grifter travels to Europe, a lone mercenary once again. But what he finds there pulls him (screaming) back into the chaos of WILDCATS' continuity. The Church of Gort is out to delete... View »

    WildCats #12
    WildStorm  ·  Jun 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    The Wildcats go west as Spartan takes command! But can an indestructible alien android be trusted to change the world? Attend a funeral, see the new Halo Building, and check in with Voodoo and Maul in Miami...in an issue... View »

    WildCats #13
    WildStorm  ·  Jul 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    New cover artist J.G. Jones (Black Widow) makes his debut in an issue focusing on Void! Learn the secrets of Void's recent and distant past and her human connection, and experience the surreal nature of a life lived... View »

    WildCats #14
    WildStorm  ·  Aug 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Spartan makes his presence known in L.A. in Part 1 of the chilling 6-part "Serial Boxes." But he's not the only new super-being in town, as he and the rest of the 'Cats learn at the hands of the deadly... View »

    WildCats #15
    WildStorm  ·  Sep 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Part 2 of the chilling 6-part "Serial Boxes." In Miami, Maul and Voodoo are blissfully unaware that a killer with a link to the 'Cats' past is making his deranged and bloody way down the East Coast, putting... View »

    WildCats #16
    WildStorm  ·  Oct 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Part 3 of a deadly 6-part story finds a popular member of Wildcats becoming the latest victim of a brutal serial killer! After the sadistic confrontation that occurs this issue, things will never be the same for the 'Cats... View »

    WildCats #17
    WildStorm  ·  Nov 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Part 4 of the 6-part "Serial Boxes." A cast member is brutally cut down by a sadistic killer, resulting in the most unlikely — and unwanted — Wildcats' reunion. And with the killer still on the... View »

    WildCats #18
    WildStorm  ·  Dec 1st, 2000  ·  $2.50

    Part 5 of the 6-part "Serial Boxes." Grifter and Spartan set a trap to catch the super-powered serial killer who has been ruthlessly murdering people with the Marlowe name. But things don't go as planned, especially... View »

    WildCats #19
    WildStorm  ·  Jan 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    The bloody conclusion of the 6-part "Serial Boxes." Slaughterhouse Smith finally comes face to face with his ultimate target: Spartan. But which one will walk away from the final confrontation? The answer might... View »

    WildCats #20
    WildStorm  ·  Feb 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    Special guest artist Steve Dillon (PREACHER, Punisher) illustrates this action-packed, 2-part adventure as Grifter and Maul go head-to- head with the FBI in an old-fashioned Miami grudge match! Who is Agent Orange and how... View »

    WildCats #21
    WildStorm  ·  Mar 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    Special guest artist Steve Dillon (PREACHER, Punisher), concludes a 2-part story! It's all-out action as the FBI finally captures Jeremy Stone. Plus, Grifter battles Agent Orange, an unstoppable mystery-man who may one... View »

    WildCats #22
    WildStorm  ·  Apr 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    One of the most popular and highly-requested Wildcats returns to the series! Grifter is confronted by a ghost from his past, one he believed long dead. But a vicious cadre of Coda warriors may ensure this reunion won't... View »

    WildCats #23
    WildStorm  ·  May 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    Grifter, tracking a group of Coda to New York, has a sexy, and unexpected, close encounter of the bone-breaking kind with an old flame. Meanwhile, can Spartan save Void after she is trapped in otherspace? And what about... View »

    WildCats #24
    WildStorm  ·  Jun 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    As Voodoo is finally released from the hospital, Spartan makes a decision that will change his life,  as well as Void's, forever. Plus, Grifter reveals his secrets about Zealot's return to action, leading into... View »

    WildCats #25
    WildStorm  ·  Jul 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

     A special, extra-sized issue of WildStorm's flagship title! This issue contains a 32-page story that pits Spartan, Grifter and a new ally, Tony Pacheco, against the Smack Fairy's L.A. drug trade. But what is... View »

    WildCats #26
    WildStorm  ·  Aug 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    The WILDCATS cast begins to crumble from within, with deadly showdowns and bloody wars you thought you'd never see! The battle for ultimate control of Halo Industries reaches its climax this issue! View »

    WildCats #27
    WildStorm  ·  Sep 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    It's Grifter vs. Zealot in the third and perhaps final round. After their confrontation in issue #23, Grifter sets out to learn the true secrets behind Zealot's deadly mission against the Coda, the warrior cult she... View »

    WildCats #28
    WildStorm  ·  Oct 1st, 2001  ·  $2.50

    Final issue of Volume 2! Voodoo stands at a crossroads. As she comes to grips with her past, what roles, if any, will Spartan, Jeremy and the rest of the Wildcats cast play in her future? And as this chapter in the Wildcats'... View »

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