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  • T3D
    T3D » Lazelle

    Hey. I saw you had Raw #1 added. I had to delete it to make some corrections since the correct publisher wasnt in the database. https://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comics/series/124140/raw

    • Lazelle

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Equality7_2521
    Equality7_2521 » Lazelle

    Hey Lazelle i hope you receive this mail. I am contacting you because i am in search for a comic book (THE HORNET #433) and this website informed me that you have it in your collection, I was wondering if you would be willing to sell it to me, i promise it would me loved and treated with much care = ) Please let me know either way. Kindest Regards, Equality

    • Lazelle

      HI. Unfortunately it's not something I'm looking to sell. However my collection of British comics continues apace so if I do happen to stumble upon another copy I'll be sure to get in touch....

  • Lazelle
    Lazelle reviewed Sex #34
    So that's it. Sex is no longer going to be a monthly comic. This has been a consistently excellent, intelligent, intriguing and sometimes violent and disgusting series (so far...). And now the wait for the first virgin...
  • Lazelle
    Has anyone else been confused by this? Admittedly this is this first issue that has started to make sense, unfortunately it's the last that I'll be picking up. The problem is the story has constantly jumped from...
  • Lazelle
    This has been an excellent series. I picked it up mainly because it was a favourite cartoon whilst growing up. This, of course, is totally re-invented and done exceedingly well. If you were ever a fan of Penelope Pitstop,...
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