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  • There is a poisonous brand of political behaviour that is destroying a nation developed over thousands of years. Everything about Britain is as it is because of other people invading, settling, migrating, inviting, welcoming....
  • Lancashirearab
    Lancashirearab commented on the comic, Middlewest #10
    Middlewest #10

    I am just catching up with this story.  Wow!

    I love the art. It is simply gorgeous and Carrie's the story along so well.

    As I read the series, I keep slipping into 'teacher mode' think about how the story should be in schools to share with those children that could relate to Abel's story. Too many F*** bombs for my primary school, but secondary schools  ould find a place for...

  • Lancashirearab
    Lancashirearab commented on the comic, Manifest Destiny #41
    Manifest Destiny #41

    Each issue is a personal battle with my local comic shop. I order each comic and turn up to collect them. It is not in with the rest of my order. The shop shelves are scoured until I find it. The staff tell me how they cannot understand why this has happened and scribble notes in the order book to make sure it doesn't happen again.  It happens again.

    ... and again.

    If Manifest...

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    • MannequinRaces

      Gotcha, that is frustrating. 

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  • Lancashirearab
    Lancashirearab commented on the comic, Doomsday Clock #12
    Doomsday Clock #12

    I have now read the series. The shift from Watchmen to Superman was an event that I naively wasn't expecting when I started reading the series, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the story as I read it.

    I am not a fan of series with loads of heroes battling together.  CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS left me cold many years ago. This was again a problem for me, especially with those big pictures...

    • Wheezy1892
      This kind of sums up my feelings on the series. The watchmen characters (aside from manhatten) could have been left out all together. I really like the message about superman being the pillar of the dc universe, I feel John's took a few jibes at some writers when expressing this, which made me laugh. As you pointed out though, it's trying to tidy up things that don't need it or have already passed. I guess from the delays no other writers were playing ball, as soon as it was realised this would take longer than a year, snyder went all out with metal related stuff, bendis cornered off the super line, the less said about King the better. On this occasion though it wasn't their fault they had to put something out whilst this was in limbo. I feel soured all round, as good as this was it doesn't really amount to much impact wise.
Oor Wullie got me started. 2000ad showed me more. Alan Moore was a revelation.
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