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  • Kyle2202
    Kyle2202 commented on the comic, Vampire State Building #4
    Vampire State Building #4
    This wasn’t released... just issue 3
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    • DivisionMonkey

      It wasn't released.  Diamond finally bumped the release date to 1/22/2020.

  • Kyle2202
    Kyle2202 commented on the comic, The Beauty #30
    The Beauty #30
    According to diamond this issue has been cancelled
  • Kyle2202
    Kyle2202 commented on the comic, The Batman's Grave #1
    The Batman's Grave #1
    If you’re a Batman fan this is not a book to sleep on. I think it’s gonna be up there with the white knight books in term of quality and story telling. Hitch and Ellis are a tool notch team.
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    • gferg1991

      Unfortunately this creative team does nithing for me. 

  • Kyle2202
    Kyle2202 commented on the comic, Manifest Destiny #36
    Manifest Destiny #36
    While I enjoyed this arc and the more human stories we got...I miss the craziness of the book. Give me actual monsters rather than the human monsters around us.
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    • Lancashirearab

      I have just caught up with this story arc and I loved it. The insights into the characters sets the reader up for the next batch of stories. I particularly enjoyed Irene's tale even though it was in French.

  • Kyle2202
    Kyle2202 commented on the comic, Berserker Unbound #1
    Berserker Unbound #1
    As much as I love Lemire, this was a disappointment of a first issue. I didn’t care at all when the wife and kid died, it just felt like a copy of Amy Chu’s red Sonja. It doesn’t help that Deodatos art just doesn’t do it for me at all.
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