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  • kryptronic

    So, how big is your backlog of comics and trades?  I got the bright idea to read all the big DC crisis events in order from Crisis on Infinite Earths though Flashpoint, and now after having finished that I've got to catch up.  Behind on reading 61 single issues and 10 trades. Man o man, where do I start...

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    • BIkeMrown

      So I started collecting last April when Black Panther launched. Started with just BP, The Vision, and Doctor Strange. Now I'm at about 40+ on my pull list. Almost 500 comics in less than a year... However, my unread back log is at 268... and 32 of those are Trades! I do plan to trim a lot of fat soon. Lots of Marvel going (angry about the change to electronic copy) and a few DC. So much amazing stuff in the other publisher portfolios that I hate missing.

  • kryptronic
    kryptronic created a new list, DC Comics Crisis Guide

    This is a guide or reading order to the major DC Comics crisis events. It takes you through the years from 1985 to present hitting all the major continuity shakeups which helped form the DC universe as we know it today.

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    • psampras

      hey thanks for this. I'm more of a marvel fan but really want to get into some DC comics and I think this list will be a good way to start.

  • kryptronic
    kryptronic commented on the comic, Deathstroke #4
    Deathstroke #4

    Damn. This is so good, it's ridiculous. Only four issues in and it's amazing. I highly recommend this series.  Read on, spoiler free...

    I've never read anything else by writer Christopher Priest, but intend to.  I remember before this series launched I read a ton of posts from others who were excited he was writing Deathstroke. Now I know why.  I found an interview on comicvine...

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    • Taren

      I just picked up issues 2,3 and 4.  Looking forward to reading them. 

  • kryptronic
    kryptronic created a new list, Batman Favorite Graphic Novels

    This is a simple list of my favorite Batman graphic novels. Anyone who likes the bat has a similar list.

  • kryptronic
    kryptronic created a new list, Aquaman Older Graphic Novels

    With there not being very many Aquaman graphic novels (aka TPBs) being available, and finding a list of them is hard work, I've listed the ones I've found here. These are the older stories, beginning in 2011 with the New52, trades are readily available, and not listed here. Notably missing from LOCG are: The Waterbearer, Sword of Atlantis, To Serve and Protect

Love to read comics. Most of my collection is DC. Grew up on Batman comics from the local library as a kid.
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