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  • Kroenen23034
    Kroenen23034 commented on the comic, The Seeds #3
    The Seeds #3

    If anyone is still keeping up with waiting for this series it is apparently coming out this December. It won't be in single issues it will be the entire trade at once. Much like Everything also from Berger books. I'm still excited for this either way. Hope the wait is worth it.

  • Kroenen23034
    Kroenen23034 commented on the comic, Wynd #1
    Wynd #1
    This was a very enjoyable read.
  • Kroenen23034
    Kroenen23034 commented on the comic, Everything #1
    Everything #1
    Now Cantwell said on Twitter that due to the pandemic they aren't releasing single issues of volume 2. It will come straight to TPB next January.
    • TecnoPope

      Interesting. Also weird DH dropped as the publisher.

  • Kroenen23034

    https://www.facebook.com/CultOfDraculaComic/ Here's a link to a new comic being published by Second Sight Publishing. The owner of my LCS is writing it and I've seen a lot of pages from the first isssue and its really good. A nice dark vampire book. The Facebook page has previews of pencils, covers and podcasts about the book. Theres going to be at least 3 covers for issue 1. Two by Georges Jeanty and a 1:50 by Chris Callahan who just did a very popular cover to No Heroine by Frank Gogol. I would add all the info to this site so its listed in New releases but I am not sure how to add those things in.

  • Kroenen23034
    Kroenen23034 commented on the comic, No Ones Rose #1 Cover B
    No Ones Rose #1 Cover B
    The B cover for this that is shown is completely different then what I picked up from my LCS today. Seems like they chose to use a different character for the cover. Strange
    • En1gma

      Similar to the regular cover, but lime green? That's what I was given.

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