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  • konradhk00
    Reading Detective Comics 1000 just makes it feel good to be a fan of the Bat. I don't know how else to describe it. It's gritty, it's goofy, it's fun. They use nostalgia and novelty to appeal to  readers...
    • WAM13

      100% Agree with this! It is all the things you want from Batman, dark and gritty, witty and comedic, so much fun to read. I enjoyed ever single story in this book so much. My favorite by far was Batman's Greatest Case, had me laughing so hard, the banter dialogue was perfect.

  • konradhk00
    konradhk00 commented on the comic, Batman #70
    Batman #70
    For sure it was time for the knightmares to end, but I enjoyed most of them thoroughly. Not sure how I feel about this issue unless it pans out to be part of a bigger plot. I didn't really get why all the inmates / patients are loose and in costume and why they didn't unmask the Bat. Bane knows who he is post Knightfall, but do the rest? I think not. The poetry was great but the rest felt like nonsense....
  • konradhk00
    konradhk00 commented on the comic, Ascender #1
    Ascender #1

    Coming off a 2 decades hiatus from comics, I never heard of the Descender universe before this, but this first issue...WOW! What an intriguing and unusual story with absolutely incredible artwork.

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    • konradhk00
      That's what hit me about this series. The art is so different from what else is out there. It's so fresh and vibrant, but also has the misty effect that watercolors do which gives it its own dimension. I could have sworn that I could smell watercolor paint when I opened it for the first time. 
  • konradhk00
    konradhk00 commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU
    The Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU

    Most of here can probably relate to this character somewhat. I felt it was a tiny bit cliche, but it hit me in the feels so what can I do but feel like this is a 4/5 star issue.

  • konradhk00
    konradhk00 commented on the comic, Xena: Warrior Princess #1
    Xena: Warrior Princess #1

    Pretty friggin good. Want/need more classic Greek mythology!

First issue of Captain Atom Vol 1 came out 4 days before I was born so, we have a special bond...
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