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  • pop123456789
    pop123456789 » Koner

    do u know how this works

  • Koner
    Koner » Koner

    H i all just letting the community know I have a couple of spare books that are super hot right now if you're a Donny Cates or Venom fan. I've got the Venom space knight # 12 and Carnage mind bomb #1 foil low print. I haven't had a good trade in awhile. Let's make a Deal!

  • Koner
    Koner » Koner

    How does this site work, besides managing my collection?

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    • Hermatt

      Great place to keep track of everything you own and want to own. 

      Just Beware it is not good for your wallet. I've discovered so many books that I would have never heard of because of this community,

  • Koner
    Koner » Koner

    Does anyone know when skottie young will be taking over the writing duties for deadpool? And hey Skottie how's about you doing the art as well for an arc or two? How's about a one-shot for us die hard SY fans?

    • JadenSkirata

      He is starting with Deadpool #1 in June :) Since he's writing, I don't think he'll draw in this one

  • Koner
    Koner commented on the comic, Oblivion Song #1
    Oblivion Song #1
    Got a feeling that this has the potential to blow up big.
I collect, write, pencil, ink, color, letter and soon publish my own comix. "HeadStrong" and to spin off mini seires "Nedl &Hahstak" and U.R. " Puff. .N. Bud"
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