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  • mgmavenger

    Has anyone had the chance to read a book titled, Slugfest by Reed Tucker.  The book is about the rivalry between Marvel and DC.  I have learned quite a bit from the book.  I always knew that there is a rivalry between the two companies, but I never knew how nasty the rivalry could be.  I never realized the amount of corporate espionage that took place between the two companies.  The author mentioned how inker Vinnie Colletta leaked pages of Kirby's New Gods to Marvel.

  • Knightmare187

    Just finished reading Secret Wars. It was phenomenal. I enjoyed it from start to finish. I like that Doom although trying to be altruistic and saving what he could was really just serving his ego. I also like the High concepts it introduced (re-introduced?). The ending is beautiful. I've been holding off on reading the All-New, All-Different stuff until I read Secret Wars. Hopefully Marvel can keep up the Momentum.

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    • Mara

      Vision is the best there is. A-Force is pretty.

  • Rjepic1

    I'm currently in the middle of trying to do a mass exodus of titles to do a big cutback on what I pick up. Boy is it hard. I imagine some of you out there feel the same?

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