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The Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude #1
Sin Eater Eats More Than Food - He Eats Sins
July 26th, 2020

I never knew Sin Eater existed. Never read anything about him before this. I liked it, and I am now interested in seeing the future issues, though I have no idea what they will be. 

Though I liked the comic, I am bit unsure of the whole deer kiling thing. Kids hunt all the time and do not turn into psychopahts. I guess their grandfathers don't call them soft at the same time, but i mean, that's a mild insult. 

Anyway, I assume this character might have a lot of backstory, and I thought it did a good job condencing it all into one issue, while provding an entertaining narrative; the artwork is pretty good, and the callback artwork was a nice touch (was that from a real comic?); the insanity elements were really good. I enjoyed the deomic nature and artwork. It was a good way to show insanity. 

I hope we can revisit the original sin eater though, the one from his childhood, and find out waht his favorite foods were. Do the dead bodies add falvor? My guess would be that they would not add any good flavors, but that they would add disguting chemiclas, especially if the body was emboned - so that's another quesiton left unanswered. 

Even if the cullinary quesitons are not answered, I suspect the showdown between the insane sin eater and Spider-Man will provide enough entertainment. 

Really Liked It


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