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  • kilcreasejp

    Just wrapped up my local comic con yesterday! I had the pleasure of meeting J. Scott Campbell, and he signed this wonderful cover for me: https://imgur.com/aio2D6r

    Salt Lake's con is unfortunately not very comic oriented, but it was still a ton of fun and if any of y'all end up in the area during the next one, I'd encourage you to go. It's a really good time with really good people :)

    Campbell isn't my favorite creator ever, but he's the very first one I've gotten to meet and have sign my comic (I only been into comics since March). So my question to you all is, who's been your favorite comic creator you've gotten to meet, and if they signed a comic you should post a picture too..........

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    • CaptainNervous

      I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the con and got to meet J Scott Campbell. I've never had the chance to meet him. My favorite artist is Chrissie Zullo. I've actually met with her at 5 different conventions over the last 4 years so I've had her sign lots of comics in that time. I'm not sure how to post a picture though so sorry about that.

  • kilcreasejp

    J. Scott Campbell is coming to my local con!!!!! (http://saltlakecomiccon.com/portfolio-item/j-scott-campbell/)

    Have any of y'all had the chance to meet him? I'm planning on meeting him and having him sign a few books.

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    • CaptHowdy

      I bought several prints off of him and he signed/personalized em all free.  I didn't bring anything though.  However, he was one on the longest lines for a creator at Calgary Expo I have ever seen next to maybe Kevin Eastman whose is always too long for me to wait at.  So, he doesn't have much time to hang/chat more of a quick celeb type of autograph experience.

  • kilcreasejp
    kilcreasejp commented on the comic, Spider-Gwen #4
    Spider-Gwen #4

    Who did the cover for the NYC variant?

  • kilcreasejp
    kilcreasejp commented on the comic, Grass Kings #5
    Grass Kings #5
    SUCH a good issue. I think this technically wraps up the first arc, but there's still so much it left hanging. Matt Kindt is just killing it, and I'm loving the weirdness of Jenkins' art.
    • ianisalways

      If you haven't yet.. you should check out Snow Blind. Same artist, and a cool 4 issue story.

  • kilcreasejp
    The Button has been a solid crossover. Each issue has had its own unique feel, and its been quite an emotional ride. That being said, The Button plot itself has taken something of a backseat for almost all of these 4 issues,...
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