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  • Kikopaff
    Kikopaff commented on the comic, Marauders #9
    Marauders #9

    This wasn't my favourite Marauders issue. I thought the art was weak and there were moments where characters looked awkward and stiff. I also felt some of the shading and lining looked unfinished. I suppose the whole spill with Yellowjacket was interesting enough, but the pace just felt too quick and I'm dying to see Kate back in the series....

  • Finally got around to reading this. The attempt to make Wolverine more "human" falls a little bit flat sometimes, but I'll admit that I was a sucker for the love triangle with Mariko/Yukio. The minimalist art from Miller...
    • Taren

      Some of Miller's best art. It is simple and beautiful. 

  • Kikopaff
    Kikopaff commented on the comic, X-Force #8
    X-Force #8

    Killing off Domino 2.0 felt very rushed, I felt like I had missed events between #7 and #8. It would've been more worthwhile to unpack how Domino carefully and strategically eliminated her clone rather than immediately finishing them off and moving forward, just like...

  • Kikopaff
    Kikopaff commented on the comic, X-Men #7
    X-Men #7

    This was a fantastic issue. Not the biggest fan of Yu's art as his facial expressions always look so awkward, and there's far too much hatching going on, but the story is some of the best I've read. It tackles deeper questions about Krakoa and resurrection. I love the sinister tone and almost mysterious edge to this issue, like Doug Ramsey for example. I think he's a far bigger player in all of...

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    • durkblur
      Thanks for the recommendations -- i'll be sure to keep my eyes out for them.  
  • Kikopaff
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