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  • Kierwest
    At this point, most readers would be expecting some closure, but, in the usual Lemire fashion, he creates new questions and a large, opened-ended question to future of main two characters.  This book wasn't...
  • Kierwest
    Kierwest commented on the comic, Night of the Living Deadpool #1
    Night of the Living Deadpool #1

    I hated this entire story. It felt as stale as the jokes.

  • Kierwest
    This issue inserts missing puzzle pieces to the broad scope of Nina's world.  It connects her to the world she longs for while still leaving entirety of the mystic world of magic still to be unraveled.  If...
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    • BurritoPeter

      I feel similarly- all the pieces are there for this story to completely hook me as it did in the beginning, but the more issues of Blackbird I read, the less interested I am. I'm hoping the team is able to bring the main story back together instead of continually introducing subplots that are interesting but not necessary. Gotta love that art though.

  • Kierwest
    Kierwest commented on the comic, Deadpool #9
    Deadpool #9

    I liked this issue, but it didn't pull me hard. Skottie doesn't create a narrative that Deadpool needs.

  • Kierwest
    Time and time again, the WW writers set the story up for a big, climactic scene only to fail at building something.... anything.  In an overview, it looks like this could be substantiated as a subplot to an overall...
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