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  • keithmod
    keithmod commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Death Metal - Speed Metal #1
    Dark Nights: Death Metal - Speed Metal #1

    All these tie ins have been announced or a long time why so why is everyone being negative? I say bring on more it's been an amazing series. Just look in the free posters and it has shown all these coming out. 

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    • gregroyj42

      A lot of people take continuity and crisis level events too seriously.  It is a fun story and the tie ins have been even crazier fun.  This is not a book I'm looking for some deep revelation and I think that is the other problem, expectations.  Yes we keep hearing these events are company shaking books but anyone who still believes that bull hasn't been paying attention since Final Crisis.

  • keithmod

    Has anyone on here grabbed Batman #92? I've bought 4 so far to include 2 copies of the cardstock variant. Whole lots of awesome. The Joker now has a new sidekick :) cheers to all! 1st appearance of Punchline :) 

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    • Wheezy1892
      I have it as batman is in my pull, you could argue its her first appearance but I think you might be battling with other speculators for a while.
  • keithmod
    keithmod commented on the comic, X-Factor #55
    X-Factor #55

    Wait!! This is a Peter David first with x factor...and my direct edition has the same colors as this newsstand edition

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    • keithmod

      My main thing is there's no mention of Peter David on here working on this issue.... Most newsstand copies in the copper age were a much lower print run in most cases. This issue on locg's is just listed all weird. I just scored Ike 6 major keys between x force and x factor volumes 1 in high grades for 20 bux for them all. My lcs rules! Ty for the feedback bud

  • keithmod

    So, spawn is my jam. That started like 4 months ago. I've only allowed myself to eBay two issues. Other then that I just wait until my comic book shop gets back issues which is super super super rare. And this is how awesome my comic book shop is. All in near mint condition I got issue number 5 8 11 14 15 16 17 and 18 for twenty bucks!

    • JoeLovesComics

      Woah nice! That's awesome stuff, jumped on with 298 and really enjoying it so far.

  • keithmod

    JUST SCORED SPAWN #1 & SPAWN #2 :) very very stoked :) :) 

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    • Taren


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