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  • DC canceling (or failing to renew) Si Spurriers Hellblazer is one of the biggest mistakes they have made in years in my opinion. That's including everything that's been going on in the editorial level. They forgot...
    • PatrickSwayzeJr
      It's sooooo disappointing, Spurrier definitely did an amazing job. I was really looking forward to it going for a while. He wrote the character so well.
  • Kazual999
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Kazual999
    Simply put this is straight up a Roger Moore Bond Film Staring The Punisher. As a big Bond & Punisher fan I loved it! It’s a globe trotting adventure & beyond! 
  • Annihilation Scourge is just another shameless cash grab in what seems like an endless assault of attempts for Marvel to capitalize on the name of a previously successful story. In just the past few months alone we have...
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    • Foozman
      I think cash grab = poorly executed, rushed and meant to capitalize on previous good work while not keeping up the brand name. It’s all laid out in the original post. I haven’t read it, but I get the point. It sullies the brand.
  • Ok so if you are a long time Hellblazer/Constantine You already know how muddled the continuity has been at this point. With the integration of Vertigo into DC with New 52 then Rebirth. Many thought we would never see a...
    • antichris

      I thought it was a very good run up at a sensible relaunch.  I didn't love the art at first, but it eventually grew on me a bit towards the end.  He could stand to do better faces, IMO. 

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