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  • KatairaM
    Lots of appearances! Great read leaves you wanting to read more.
  • I would have to keep reading the rest to figure out what is really going on. There’s a ton of things happening at once but no real answers or gist of what’s going on besides the vague info they gave. Very action packed...
  • This series was pretty good. I’ve had it for awhile and finally got around to reading it. Much better than I excepted! Guess who saves the day from Star Trek!?
  • KatairaM

    I was a little late, but I saw that the first black female green lantern jumped into the scene! Far Sector is really good so far and good about keeping the story line as well as telling back stories in between. I can't wait to see how the mystery unravels! 

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    • ComicsGatekeeper

      I've picked up the first issue but still haven't got around to reading it. A few of my buddies really liked this one.

  • KatairaM

    The art is so beautiful! This variant cover is EVERYTHING!

    • Taren

      The art is cool. 

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