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  • karsnark
    karsnark commented on the comic, Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars TP
    Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars TP

    You guys pressured me into buying and reading Descender and, as always, you were right to do that: I loved it. Descender vol 1 was really action packed compared to some other works of Lemire like Essex County, Royal City or even Black Hammer sometimes. I love how Jeff Lemire managed to intertwine action and deep themes in this one. And man, the art by Dustin Nguyen... just stunning. I absolutely...

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    • Om
      Descender is great stuff.
  • karsnark

    All of the Black Friday sale offers are making it VERY hard not to spend $$$ on comics (or, in my case, €€€) :( must... restrain... myself... !

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    • Taren

      Good luck surviving Cyber Monday. 

  • karsnark
    karsnark commented on the comic, Descender: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC
    Descender: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC

    I've been wanting to read this title for so long (I've heard much good about it) so I'm contemplating whether to buy this or not... it looks so good (and you can't go wrong with Jeff Lemire these days) but I don't have the budget to buy something like this unless I really love it. Tough decisions ahead! Would like to hear your opinions, although I feel like everyone on this website adores this...

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    • MachoCamachoZ

      This title is A+ material, best sci if out. Don’t hesitate

  • karsnark

    Quick question: what are your favorite (and the avoid-this-forever) books of Wonder Woman? I want to get into her solo titles (or I could do non-solo stuff too if she has a central role). I think I read around 15 issues of her Rebirth title but then fell behind. Should I continue that series? What others should I consider for reading?

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    • karsnark

      Thank you very much for the recommendations! I think I'm gonna finish the Rucka run first and then look into Azarello/Chiang because it looks very interesting. I'll be looking into the others as well, they all sound worthwhile. 

  • karsnark
    karsnark commented on the comic, Calexit #3
    Calexit #3

    TBD, indeed... freaking Black Mask sometimes, honestly.

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