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  • Kaneda86
    This has been a fun read especailly with the characters. Gotta say i wasnt a big fan of the #1 issue but the #2,#3 are getting good. Hopefully they set a date for the #4 issue.
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    • karsnark

      Loved this issue so much, I absolutely cannot wait for more :) but the wait between issues 2 and 3 killed me..! 

  • Is a side story that connects to the DArk knight. Well basically its trying to explain the death of robin, fro those readers that do not know the demise of robin. Is not a must buy but its a good read if you want to know...
  • Kaneda86
    Kaneda86 commented on the comic, Harley Quinn #1
    Harley Quinn #1
    the book not that great the art is. The plus side i got this signed by Mr. Hardin And Mr Benitez so guess not all that bad
  • Kaneda86
    This is a great start to the new universe, the introduction of old legendary characters are great. Not spoling anything but is a must read.
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    • cypressi

      I'm completely new to the DC universe.  How is it for new readers?

  • Kaneda86

    Is there any good Indie comic recommendation that i should pick up this week?

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    • CaptainNervous

      A few weeks back "4 Kids Walk Into a Bank" came out. I really liked it. I think it's by Black Mask Press.

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