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  • jschoreels
    jschoreels commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Metal #2
    Dark Nights: Metal #2

    As a newcomer (reading since ~ one year now), this is "hard" to understand/feel all the implications of what I read. I guess I read Batman N52 first four volumes, that already helps a bit.

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    • system7878

      If you read New 52 Green Lantern, Krona and the hand of creation is shown in issue #17 (Wrath of the First Lantern)

  • jschoreels
    Salvador Larroca continues to amaze me with his astonishing photoshop skills, and the plot relies on link with movie like Rogue One to try to interest readers.   I presume I'll drop that serie soon enough if Salvador...
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    • PKcomic411

      come ON Gillen!!! 3 issues in... I've given them all 2 stars. I'm not to the 1 star "hate"... but this is FARRR from his Darth Vader run, and getting close to being pulled from my pull. 2 more issue rule in affect.

  • jschoreels
    jschoreels commented on the comic, Star Wars #38
    Star Wars #38

    Larroca art, looks like photoshopping some google'd image. Hope editors will see the issue.

    • CaptainNervous

      Yeah... I thought the same... this issue was kind of disappointing in general... was expecting more...  :(

  • jschoreels
    jschoreels commented on the comic, Old Man Logan #30
    Old Man Logan #30

    Unfortunately, the conclusion doesn't conclude a lot of things (what happens to other hulks ?) and even if the art and writing was good in general, it left without any big payoff. 

    Kinda meh.

  • jschoreels
    jschoreels commented on the comic, Generations: Captain Americas #1
    Generations: Captain Americas #1

    My favorite Generation issue ! Nick spencer is certainly a good writer. Loved the fact that the time period was quite different here, adding much depth to the conclusion

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