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Atomic Robo #1
July 16th, 2018

Funny, adventurous, and action-packed, to think that Atomic Robo's journey started here after all these years to me is almost funny considering the amount of time I've put into reading the rest.

To focus on this issue however, it's classic Robo. Sci-fi and adventure, and while it may not be the most dramatic or deep issue of AR, it is a perfect introduction to the character. It's sense of humor is on point and dry, but never eclipses the surrounding circumstances, the action and intrigue blend perfectly into it.

Scott's art for Robo is also one of my favorite things ever. Cartoonish but still grounded.

Brian's writing, like I've already mentioned, is pure fun. The only thing that makes it better is it's continued payoff in the later books.

I would tell anyone to read this issue, fully confident that they will want to continue reading until you are waiting for the next one, just like I am.

Loved It


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