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  • joerocks1981
    joerocks1981 commented on the comic, The Weatherman #1
    The Weatherman #1
    This book was totally what i was looking for in a series and i'm completely on board.
  • Black Science Premiere Vol. 1: The Beginner's Guide to Entropy HC Remastered Edition

    Anybody know if this book resolves the crappy Glue Binding and other issues from the original HC release? I would like to get this again if all of that's been fixed.

  • joerocks1981
    joerocks1981 commented on the comic, Oblivion Song #1
    Oblivion Song #1
    Art is gorgeous, and it left me with a desire to come back and see how things develop. Still feels really similar to at least ten other things i've read in the past and can't place why.
    • Easybrand
      I agree, but I liked it, nice twist at the end.
  • joerocks1981
    joerocks1981 commented on the comic, Eugenic #1
    Eugenic #1
    Read this series a few months ago. Still thinking about it.

    My favorite of his Apocalypse trilogy.
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    • MannequinRaces

      This was one of the best #1's I've ever read. Thought the ending to the series was a little weak but overall excellent stuff. I've read Cognetic but not Memetic. Still want to do that. I'd be cool if all three were collected in one HC. 

  • joerocks1981
    I've been following Ed Piskor's work since his WYSIWYG work and Hip-Hop Family Tree. He's said that this is his love letter to his favorite comic series (and one of mine) and it totally shows. This book and it's...
I draw stuff and work with comics for a professional bill-satiating living, but somehow still enjoy reading them when i'm not working in said professional career.
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