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  • Joelkornek
    Joelkornek commented on the comic, Justice League #48
    Justice League #48
    Another writer change? Who the heck is Simon Spurrier? Can anyone recommend?
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    • BigMiracle

      I love Spurrier, but most of what I read from him what not as mainstream as JL. Curious to see how he'll fare

  • Joelkornek
    Joelkornek commented on the comic, Batman #90
    Batman #90

    Loved this issue. Tynion is writing a classic in my opinion. This will go down as his defining work. Really loved the Bruce/Selina relationship. It was just enough to not be too over the top "secret." Doubt it will actually tear anyone apart.

    And then there's the Joker... doing exactly what the Joker does best. Great way to add to the mystery of "The Designer."

  • Joelkornek
    Joelkornek commented on the comic, Generation One #1
    Generation One #1
    NOPE... anything thay might encourage the 5G crap plan is a huge pass for me.
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    • Joelkornek

      I think ANOTHER reboot is the last thing DC needs as well. Especially since they're apparently going to push out all our favorite heroes. What a horrible... horrible idea.

      I have a feeling this is going to flop hard. Was talking to my LCS owner and he told me literally nobody has preordered Generation One... he almost had no idea what it was.

      Death Metal on the other hand... 

  • Joelkornek
    Joelkornek commented on the comic, Detective Comics #1020
    Detective Comics #1020
    Was not a huge Brad Walker fan on his first run on Natman with the Arkham Knight. This issue was a complete turnaround. The writing was excellent, the mystery interesting and the art on point. I like the darker setting and colours they go way better with Walker’s art.
  • Joelkornek
    Joelkornek commented on the comic, DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #1
    DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #1

    Are they reprinting all the Batman Adventures titles at 1.99$??

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    • Joelkornek

      Ah ok wasn't sure when I saw the "first of a new monthly series of reprints with a $1.99 cover price!"

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