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  • Joachim
    This raw and realistic take on the Batman origin is really more about Jim Gordon losing his innocence in a Gotham that treats its citizens like prey. Dirty cities and hardboiled men are Millers speciality and with the simplistic...
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    • flash232

      oh yeah, Batman Begins is my favourite Batman (or even superhero) film ever. The cast, script, villain choice were the best ever. It's like watching the best of O'Neil/Adams and Miller on screen. I'm going to have to watch that again over the holiday season! 

  • This is it. The Bob Dylan of comic books. It has inspired writers to rival it since its arrival and though no one has succeeded yet, we can all appreciate the fruit of their labour and its epic impact...
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    • Joachim

      Yeah Dylan and Moore - to guys a the top of their game, if there ever was one.

      Felice Brothers are great. Gonna see them in Denmark come february. Also wanna mention Old Crow Medicine Show - they do a great version of Dylans Wagon Wheel (and so much more).

  • In the wake of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" a spiritual showdown between light and dark is bearing down on the world. Swamp Thing and co. must prepare for war in the underworld and epicness (may not be an actual...
  • Ennis and Dillons Tarantino-esque ultra violent/comical approach (as made famous by the fabulous Preacher) and The Punisher is a perfect match. It's also impressive that in this somewhat ridiculously over-the-top vendetta...
  • Joachim
    The story of a ancient evil and the eternal defender against it, may not blow your mind and it ends a bit too soon, but it's damned near impossible not wanting to learn more about these guys when final the page is turned....
Back into the world of comics - reading/creating - and loving every minute of it. Also an avid gamer, whiskey fan and musician. Love Bob Dylan. Let's do lunch sometime!
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