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  • JimmyDownz

    I decided to start collecting as many Bill Sienkiewicz covers as I can find. To that end I purchased this first batch from one of my local comic shops.

    Some of these I owned copies of before selling my collection and as such bring with them a strong sense of nostalgia.

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    • JimmyDownz
      The one I want the most right now, and is proving hard to find, is his Future Quest #1 variant.
  • Taren
    Taren » JimmyDownz

    One of my all time favorites is this XMen cover for the Phoenix Storyline by Chris Claremont. Copy and paste to you browser. I thought I could insert a link. You have to get that cover man. It is awesome! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-WiQzBrAzEZng1TS1QR3k2Xzg/view?usp=drivesdk

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    • JimmyDownz
      Yeah, that is definitely on the wish list.
  • JimmyDownz
    JimmyDownz » JimmyDownz

    Anyone else interested in being able to filter the New Comics list by creator? I am trying to pull anything by Bill Sienkiewicz but I haven't found a good way to do this easily on a weekly basis.

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    • Taren

      Love his work.  I would highly recommend his Frank Miller Electra Assassin.  Amazing.  And the graphic novel Daredevil Love and War. 

  • JimmyDownz
    JimmyDownz commented on the comic, Deathstroke #2
    Deathstroke #2
    Maybe I'm just a lazy reader but this book is very hard to follow.
  • JimmyDownz
    JimmyDownz commented on the comic, Paper Girls Vol. 1 TP
    Paper Girls Vol. 1 TP

    Finally got around to reading this last night. Loved it...between this, Stranger Things, and Ready Player One (yes...I'm just now reading it as well) I'm having constant 80's flashbacks.

    • MannequinRaces
      I just looked up the book Ready Player One because I've never heard of it before and it looks like a good read.  I'll have to check it out.  I myself just read Paper Girls Vol 1 and thought it was great as well.
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