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  • jessepov
    jessepov reviewed X-Force #7
    What a great story of our Lady Luck Domino. The story they are telling is not a new one in the long history of storytelling but one that I am sure this team will make us need to know how it ends! add to your Pull List.
  • jessepov
    jessepov reviewed Batman #88
    1st pg got me hooked with the charisma of Catwoman. Damn Lucius! This is a guy you want backing you up!  What a captivating story! So many moving parts but a very smooth read. Of course the last page has me hooked!...
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    • gregroyj42

      If you are looking for Batfamily stuff Batwoman by Rucka was great the best non Batman batfamily title Ive ever read is Batgirl: Silent Knight.  Love Red Hood his current title has been a ton of fun.

  • jessepov
    Daphne seems to have made a new friend by the end of this issue as well as the ability to see the creepy underworld around her. I’m hoping the next issue will tell us more about Daphne’s new friend!
  • jessepov
    jessepov commented on the comic, Dying is Easy #2
    Dying is Easy #2

    Dying is Easy 1 & 2. This series is different from the usual Joe Hill story; more mystery , less horrifying. Enjoy the story line thus far and can’t wait to find out what happens next with Syd...the ex-cop turned comedian turned murder suspect.

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    • Taren

      I will check it out. 

  • jessepov
    jessepov reviewed X-Men #6
    Xavier is a prick #imo. He’s always saying his vision is for the greater good and his word is law. Hickman’s narrative on which mutant will strike first against Him is suspenseful.
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