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  • jenbooks

    Can't add this comic:  Charmer #1, (Pond Scum Comics)


    A young sorceress attempts to destroy the cult that had raised her to be their ultimate sacrifice in this modern supernatural thriller.

    She spent her life training for a fight she could feel coming but never quite see. Until the day two armed goons showed up in her yard, Samantha Wyrick thought she had put her Uncle’s creepy feel-good cult behind her. Now blackmailed into service of the cult, Sam is in rural Kentucky, chasing down an artifact from the ancient world. 

    Armed with a pistol, a four-legged best friend and a little magic Samantha will teach the cultists and killers not to mess with a CHARMER! 

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    • undeadquinn

      and could not be added here on data did sudmit series as other? i just approve 5 or series so whats the problem,

  • jenbooks

    Slowly catching up on the backlog!  :D

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    • moloch

      With last night's pull from my local store, my "to read" short box can't fit anything else. I really need to get my stuff together and get rid of that backlog :-) 

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