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  • Jdae13

    Okay, I just had a new revelation as I cleaned up my comic reading and developed a reading schedule. I realize that I don’t enjoy never-ending comic book runs. I much more enjoy a shorter event-type of comic book run as oppose to the never ending sagas. For example, runs like Hero’s in Crisis, Dark Nigjts Metal, Curse of the White Knight, Doomsday Clock, etc. As such, I have discontinued Batman, WW, Detective Comics and NightWing. To be honest, I am keeping Action Comics, Superman, BlackPanther, Justice League, and Captian America - at least until the current writers complete their run with each series. What does everyone else prefer?

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    • gferg1991

      I'm the opposite. I LOVE the long long runs of comics but above all the consistent ones. Ones with the same writer and artist for many many issues, such as Ultimate Spider-Man. I like minis and maxis as well but nothing beats the long form storytelling some of the greatest comics runs in history are.  

  • Jdae13

    So, how far behind is everyone with their comic book reading?  I am so far behind that I had to develop a comic book reading schedule, does anyone else do this, any suggestions on how to stay up-to-date with comic reading?

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    • MannequinRaces

      I’m about a month behind on floppies and I have some OGNs and HCs I’ve had for a couple years and haven’t read yet. I read when the mood strikes. Not concerned at all with falling behind. For me it means I’ll never run out of new stuff to read.

  • Taren
    Taren » Jdae13

    Welcome to the league! You would like a mini series called Dreaming Eagles. It is a story about the Tuskegee Airmen in WW II. Written by Garth Ennis.

  • Jdae13
    Jdae13 created a new list, Top Comics
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