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Harleen HC
Best Harley Story I've Read
Harleen HC Review
March 13th, 2020

This series was fantastic. By far the best Harley origin I've read! The story was incredibly well-written, diving deep into Harley's motivations and her psychologicial research that led her to take on the Joker as a patient. Sejic's art is absolutely beautiful and makes this book a joy to look at. 

There are rumors about a follow-up series about Poison Ivy, and I would love for Sejic to keep making books like this.

I highly recommend this book! This is probably the best Black Label book I've read so far. The build of the book is also really well done. It comes with a plastic dust jacket that covers up Harley's face with the mask you see on cover, and then when you lift it up you see her face underneath spattered with blood. 

Loved It


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  • MannequinRaces
    I haven't read this in its entirety yet but what I did read I really enjoyed. Need to set aside some time to finish it. That would be cool if Sejic did a followup Poison Ivy series. 
    Reply  ·  2 months ago