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  • jberglund
    This series was fantastic. By far the best Harley origin I've read! The story was incredibly well-written, diving deep into Harley's motivations and her psychologicial research that led her to take on the Joker as...
    • MannequinRaces
      I haven't read this in its entirety yet but what I did read I really enjoyed. Need to set aside some time to finish it. That would be cool if Sejic did a followup Poison Ivy series. 
  • jberglund
    jberglund commented on the comic, Daredevil #16
    Daredevil #16

    Awesome as usual! This is easily one of the best ongoing titles right now.

    Always disappointing when Checchetto has to take a break from the art... Don't care for Fornes' art at all. Unfortunately looks like he'll be the artist through issue 18, but then Checchettos' back. Checchetto's art is fantastic, and suits this series so well.

  • jberglund
    Out of all the new Dawn of X titles, this was probably my least anticipated -- partly just because I didn't really know anything about it. But man, this was a fantastic issue! I'm not super familiar with Psylocke/Kwannon's...
  • jberglund
    jberglund commented on the comic, Batman #81
    Batman #81

    Man I really can't stand JRJR's art. Haven't cared for King's Batman run for the most part, but at least the art has been good up until now...

  • jberglund
    jberglund commented on the comic, Batman #79
    Batman #79

    Evidently I'm in the minority, but I really don't care for these last two issues (or most of King's Batman for that matter). I was excited for City of Bane -- I haven't cared for a lot of King's Batman run, but I liked where CoB was going before this 2-issue interlude, but this just feels like an empty filler. Basically nothing happened in the last two issues, and the staccato script is getting...

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    • Wheezy1892
      I would argue its not a minority anymore sadly so many others fallen off this run which is reflected in the sales and why King was fired. My guess is, if it actually does tie up (which I doubt at this point) will probably be in the bat/cat book.
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