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  • jayc13
    jayc13 commented on the comic, Batman #93
    Batman #93

    some of the art was inconsistent in this issue.  either it was rushed or quick digital inking. I'm a little confused on the Designer....just a dead old lady animated by Joker?

    • emulegs

      early in the run it was shown that the joker had made a special kind of joker gas that can reanimate dead bodies. (remember the "joker" that catwoman found in a grave earlier?). the joker killed the designer way after they met for the first time and he's reanimating his body.

  • jayc13
    jayc13 commented on the comic, Dial H for Hero #1
    Dial H for Hero #1

    I want more Monster Truck!

  • jayc13
    jayc13 reviewed Batman #64
    felt like a fill-in issue and out of order. at least it tied into Heroes in Crisis.
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