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Batman #81
My eyes are sad...
Batman #81 Review
October 17th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

...looking at JRJR's artwork. Guy loves his stiff appendages attached to blocky bodies and heads, and rain effects.

High point of the art was Bane's frame nearly too massive to be held by a full page panel. Low point was not actually seeing any of the actual action of Thomas Wayne fighting the Bat Family (a la Heroes, Season 3 finale).

Wasn't the biggest fan of King's overall story progression here either, sad to say. He introduces elements that haven't really been talked about or shown or even eluded to in the past 80 issues. There's really no "aha" moment for the reader. It kinda fizzled out as a "meh. ok, Batman has been one step ahead of Bane this whole time because that's what moves the story forward." Sure, he figured out that it was Bane behind everything, even though we as the audience aren't ever privy to the fact that Batman's done any kind of research into the origin of what gave Gotham Girl her powers other than Bruce telling her that he'd help her, like 75 issues ago. (Or am I just forgetting some of these key moments???)

I've LOVED King's run overall; this issue just did not do it for me at all.

Didn't Like It


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  • Joelkornek
    This has unfortunately been King’s style this entire series. A slow burn with things explained slowly and no real action.

    He’s trying to write the next Morrison epic but is falling flat.
    Reply  ·  11 months ago
  • Taren

    King... Doing Morrison... No. King is so so so much better than Morrison. 

    Reply  ·  11 months ago
  • nec

    @taren, to each there own, but I think you'll be in the minority with that opinion.  Just based on the creation of Damian, i think Morrison had the better Batman run not to mention Arkham Asylum, Batman Gothic, Batman incorporated.  Anyways, take my opinion for whatever you may because it's well known that I think King lost the plot in the second half of his run.  

    Reply  ·  11 months ago
  • Joelkornek
    Oooof thank you. Can’t believe anyone would prefer King over Morrison. I think Grant lost a lot of people qith all the details. It’s the kind of series you need to read at least twice.
    Reply  ·  11 months ago
  • Foozman
    Just finished Hush trade. I think King’s run is more Loeb inspired. It feels like a natural sequel to Hush but with King’s take instead of Loeb’s regarding Bat/Cat. Loeb has more polish, but I like King’s insights.
    Reply  ·  11 months ago
  • PKcomic411
    Thought the same thing myself
    Reply  ·  11 months ago