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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11
Super without a suit
September 9th, 2019

This is the Spider-Man issue I have been waiting for. Something that showcases Mary Jane as a powerhouse outside of, but still intrinsically tied to, Peter Parker. MJ is a strong female character not because she can don a costume (a la "Renew Your Vows" ongoing series), but because she has strong character, natural leadership abilities, intelligence and level-headedness. These qualities are what make her a hero. These are what makes her strong. These are what makes her a believable, holistic character. She's not strong because of or in spite of her relationship with Peter, she just is strong.

This is what I was hoping for with Stohl's dreaded "Life of Captain Marvel" miniseries - a story that points to a person's human determination, willpower, etc. as her strength, not some special, secret origin.

This is the type of comic that we need more of. Kudos to Taylor...I didn't think he could knock another issue out of the park after FNSP #5...glad to be proven wrong.

Loved It


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