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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4
Welcome home, Spider-Man
March 20th, 2019
It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a multi-issue story arc on Spider-Man more than the last four of Taylor & Cabal’s FNSM. Fellow geeks continually heap praises upon Spencer’s ASM. They applaud him for bringing Spidey back home, “back to his roots”... candidly, other than Peter being broke again, I don’t see it. (Overall, I’ve been majorly disappointed in the last 17 ASM issues - they seem like they’re trying too hard to be styled similarly to Wilson’s Ms. Marvel. And don’t get me wrong, there are few titles I’ve enjoyed more over the past several years, but Kamala is goofy & quirky & stupendously ridiculous...& that’s what makes a great Ms. Marvel, but I personally don’t think that’s the recipe for a great Spider-Man.) I’d actually argue that Taylor has written a far superior Spider-Man - no pun intended - one that has the wise cracks & quips, but also has heart & his stories carry weight - which are the two components I feel like have been majorly missing from ASM. This to me feels more like Spidey getting back to his roots. Combine Taylor’s storytelling through dialogue with Cabal’s storytelling through art & paneling, and you’ve got yourself a Spider-Man title that has me excited to be a Spider-fan again. Welcome home, Spider-Man.
Really Liked It


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  • Ycusa7
    This review nailed it- listen to this man
    Reply  ·  1 year ago