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  • JasonB
    JasonB commented on the comic, Shazam! #12
    Shazam! #12
    What happened? Thought this was end of first story arc and now different cover and Batman??? Not that it isnt still cool but im just curious what happened.
  • JasonB
    JasonB commented on the comic, Batman #92
    Batman #92
    Its almost out now. 3 cover versions, im grabbing one of each. Have Hell Arisen 3 and Batman 89. Im anxious to see how Punchline works out. Not a big DC fan but Harley Quinn was always a favorite. Card stock covers for 93 and 94 look amazing too. Lets see how this leads into the Jokers War
  • JasonB
    JasonB commented on the comic, Marauders #10
    Marauders #10
    I have a feeling Kates dragon will have something to do with her resurrection or lack there of.
  • DCeased: Unkillables #3 Movie Homage Card Stock Variant Edition
    Cover is not Horror related. Series was a fun read though.
  • JasonB
    JasonB commented on the comic, Deadpool #4
    Deadpool #4
    The Sharky short at the end was cute but I am not a fan of the artwork overall. Curious to see where this leads though
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