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  • JALT542
    Let me start out by saying: I thought that Ellis writing Bond would be one of the best things I've read in a while. I will admit that I expect a lot from Warren Ellis, but I have to say after this one issue, I'm not as sold...
  • JALT542

    Never knew Books-a-Million had such a huge graphic novel selection. One near me had clearance TPB's for less than $5! 

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    • ianisalways

      They occasionally have some pretty cool variants as well!

  • Taren

    10 of your favorite Comic book characters and your favorite artist who draws them:

    • Superman / Gary Frank
    • The Flash / Ethan Van Sciver
    • Elektra / Frank Miller
    • Green Lantern / Ivan Reis
    • Daredevil / David Mazzucchelli
    • Wolverine / Jim Lee
    • Wonder Woman / Jason Fabok
    • Batman / David Mazzucchelli
    • The Punisher / Klaus Janson
    • Deathstroke / Carlo Pagulayan

  • JALT542

    Anyone else pick up any comics for Halloween Comicfest? I got Doctor Strange: The Oath, Harley Quinn, Batman Adventures, and a couple others. For free books I'm pretty happy with the choices!

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    • Jeffbrandie

      No, and I was at 2 different comic stores today. Had no idea,  dammit!  

  • searomg

    So... how are we going to add the new Marvel Legacy titles to the database?

    Same Series that we have running now or new "Marvel Legacy" Series?

    Just wondering if i need to subscribe to new series.

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