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  • Jakirola

    Opinion needed. Thinking of giving up monthlies and just collecting TP due to cost. I've always been a monthly guy and i'm struggling with the decision. Has anyone else gone down the TP route? Do you still feel part of the community and industry?

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    • luo09001

      Yeah it is a super expensive hobby! I told myself that I would go completely TP-digital one day and still havent.  In the long run TPs are cheaper than floppies but of course the wait time is killer. I agree with another comment here that you get the best price when you buy the digital sales that comixology and other sites have which are pretty regular. Nothing beats buying a $15 TP for $6! 

  • Jakirola
    Jakirola commented on the comic, I Hate Fairyland #18
    I Hate Fairyland #18

    Another fun issue, always look forward to Fairyland. It's easy reading, funny and just a classic 

  • Jakirola
    Jakirola commented on the comic, Superman #44
    Superman #44

    It's ok but like the rest of you I'm not really feeling it at all. 

  • Jakirola
    Jakirola commented on the comic, Shadowman #1
    Shadowman #1

    Thoroughly excellent issue again. Compelling, informative and gripping! Great artwork, so glad to have Shadowman back

  • Jakirola
    Jakirola commented on the comic, Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1
    Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1
    I liked this, it fit well into the current Aquaman story and you know when she is back to full strength she’ll get the justice she deserves as a character. Just wish it wasn’t a mini series
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