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  • JadenSkirata
    JadenSkirata commented on the comic, Captain Marvel: The End #1
    Captain Marvel: The End #1
    Does anyone know if those "THE END" issues are linked together ? Or independant one-shots? thanks
    • Ninuna

      They are OS, they tell the last adventures of each character in a grimm future

  • JadenSkirata

    Hey everyone, I'll be visiting London at the time of the FCBD, so if anyone got any cool stores to hit, i'd appreciate the intel.
    If there are signing for the event, that's a plus!

  • JadenSkirata
    JadenSkirata created a new list, Spider-Geddon Reading Order

    Reading order for the 2018 spider event. The inheritors are back, and the spiders must unite again to defeat them.

  • JadenSkirata
    JadenSkirata commented on the comic, Marvel 2-In-One #5
    Marvel 2-In-One #5

    Hey guys, did any of you got a printing problem on this one? My first page is really pale with pinkish tone and I can barely see the writing.

  • JadenSkirata
    JadenSkirata commented on the comic, Avengers #2
    Avengers #2

    can someone tell me since when Jennifer is out of coma ? I must have missed it. In which issue she woke up?

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    • JadenSkirata

      oh yeah, I forgot Carol gave her the news after the trial! thanks

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