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  • Jabezcreed
    Perfection. Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, and Brad Anderson are pure perfection, and this first issue is the perfect start to a good, quick mystery.
  • Jabezcreed
    One of the new DC Giants I picked up to try. The basic deal is a good deal if you are interested in the character. For Aquaman, a good selection of new and reprint stories were selected for this issue. I liked the lead-off...
  • Jabezcreed
    I knew the premise of this series going in, but I was honestly surprised at the very serious and literal approach the first issue took.  Literally, this series is about a group of "Scouts" on special government...
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    • Lancashirearab

      Only just discovered this series and I like the first issue. I have read some of Matt Kindt's work before and really enjoyed it, so I picked this up too. Your comments so far are pretty accurate for me too. My one complaint is a minor one. I think the colouring is not quite right for my tastes. The pinks are just too pink, especially on page 1 and around the eyes during the night scenes.

  • Jabezcreed
    Jabezcreed commented on the comic, Deathstroke / Yogi Bear Special #1
    Deathstroke / Yogi Bear Special #1

    So anyone realize the solicitation text was completely wrong for this issue? Yogi Bear was completely normal, Ranger Smith was just a backup character, and it was Yogi who called in Deathstroke to find Boo Boo.

    • DarkPsiknight

      Yup!  I caught that too.  They totally screwed that one up.... -_-

  • Jabezcreed
    Jabezcreed commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #23
    Wonder Woman #23

    Finally catching up on this series. This issue made little sense to me.

    • Taren

      You have to go back to the beginning of the run. It's not the best book to jump in late. This was towards the end of Greg Rucka's rebirth run. 

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