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  • IFK5

    Random but has anyone read the Injustice and injustice 2 series and the injustice vs masters of the universe mini series? If so how does it tie in to it. Im ok with spoiler so no worries there. Ive read the Mini series crossover and im just wondering how does it tie-in, if at all....Thanks in advance!!!

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    • Taren

      I have not read them yet but I do have the 2 Injustice Vols. I have yet to read them. All I can tell you is Tom Taylor is a writer I will definitely be following from now on. 

  • IFK5

    Marvel is killing me with all these spider-man series! I was all for the soft reboot but i regret it! Didnt make it past issue number 2, and the price was outrageous!

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    • Geldaras

      I feel your pain, or what used to be your pain lol. Spider-Man is my favorite character and there is definitely a lot right now.

  • IFK5

    Anyone want to tell me about the doomsday clock saga? I don't want to know exact details I have every issue so far just haven't read any yet, I just want to know more or less is it actually good or bad for DC and why or why not... lol I'm sorry I'm a cornball.

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    • Requiemlaureate

      I'm not much of a fan of such long term thinking since I feel like that never allows an individual story to stand on its own merits. I think Doomsday Clock has been a great story with great moments, interesting characters, profound ideas, and phenomenal art. That's all I look for in a comic, even if maybe in the future other writers don't handle the ideas or Watchmen characters as well as Johns has.

  • IFK5

    Has anyone been reading Man of Steel? What do you think?

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    • notsamgibson
      I'm really liking it. It's all going to fall to the execution of the ending, though. I hope Bendis doesn't pull some dumb shit.
  • IFK5
    IFK5 commented on the comic, Adventures of Superman #597
    Adventures of Superman #597

    I have this signed by Tim sale but I have yet to figure out how to post that. Lol

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