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  • ianreed
    ianreed commented on the comic, Isola #10
    Isola #10

    I still pull this book because it looks so nice, but I have no idea who anyone is or whats happening really. Plot's got away from them

  • ianreed
    ianreed commented on the comic, Gogor #5
    Gogor #5

    series finale!?? dang, I was enjoying this series!

  • ianreed
    ianreed commented on the comic, The Weatherman #4
    The Weatherman #4

    After the promise of the first issue, this series has devolved into the sum of it's worst parts. Character-driven moments remain at a premium as we find our selves deeply involved in some stupid plot that mimics any other blockbusters. Characters come and go without really affecting each other. The art remains awesome, but the plot needs some love. They've replaced a cool sci-fi concept and some...

  • ianreed
    ianreed reviewed Rumble #11
    As always, creatively written and drawn, this book remains super competetant in the best meaning of the word. It has felt slightly rudderless since it's return, with the characters motivations and relationships seeming...
  • ianreed
    ianreed commented on the comic, Uncanny X-Men #15
    Uncanny X-Men #15

    A Good X-book in desperate need of a good art team. Larroca's tracing is killing me. The writing has been snappy and moving and funny and I like the direction, but they have to step up their art game. 

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