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The Collection Without Fear - Part 2: Daredevil (Vol. 3) Book One by Mark Waid
May 20, 2020, 1:26 am

Hey My Dudes! Welcome to the first (kinda) review of the series.

After what seems to be a very dark time for Hornhead, the first six-issues of Mark Waid's run brings us this immensely exciting and fun series. Volume 1 feels very refreshing, and seeing Murdock smile and just enjoy the daylight feels really nice and immediately sets this run apart from the others. 

The artists for this volume, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin, bring us this new take on Matt's senses. I feel as if everything clicks, everything from the panel positioning to the action and even to the dialogue, they excell to bringing the reader into Matt's world and give a clear energetic and optimistic tone to it all. Rivera and Martin also excell at the action sequences, it's crips and clear but is unqiue to Daredevil's style and abilities. 

Mark Waid gives us these shorter stories that aren't "written for the trade" and it feels perfect, the pacing of these two stories connect but also feel very unique. The first story is fairly simple, as we are introduced to the characters and the overall tone of the series. I will add that, the action sequences are absolutely incredible. I quite enjoy how even though it is very optismistic in tone, Waid is able to blend darker elements into these stories and create proper suspence and worry. The second story of the book features an amazing sequence where we really get to understand the new interpretation of DD's senses and introduces the reader to an overarcing story to the series, one which feels natural and doesn't conflict with the containted feeling of the stories. 

There is a backup story to issue #1 that I want to mention. I love it. This story establishes Matt's senses for this series, and does a damn good job doing so. The reader is able to see the world from Matt's (metaphorical) eyes. And wraps the small story with a very strong finish. 

If it isn't clear enough, I absolutely love this book. And honestly, it's one of few books that I have read multiple times over and still get a kick from. If you are able to get this book, I really recommend doing so.

My next entry into the Collection Without Fear, I will be looking at the next volume in Mark Waid's run. Stay tuned, I'm not sure what my schedule will be.


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