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  • HuntMac
    HuntMac commented on the comic, Oblivion Song #24
    Oblivion Song #24
    How has this series been? I stopped pulling after issue 4 but I’m still interested on this potentially amazing series. I just stopped hearing about it after I stopped pulling, so I don’t know if it ended up being a slight let down or what.
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    • PKcomic411
      Interesting.. In terms or format and the read? I'd say Outcast is similar. But that should be ending soon. I stopped watching the show as well
  • HuntMac
    HuntMac commented on the comic, Family Tree #6
    Family Tree #6
    Can’t wait!
    • Om
      I wonder when this will come out?
  • TheMaxx
    TheMaxx » HuntMac

    Sorry to break the news but Leviathan got axed, he said so on twitter.

  • HuntMac
    HuntMac commented on the comic, Hotell #1
    Hotell #1
    Great opener. I think this will be a nice mini-series.
    • PKcomic411

      Did you catch a Fantasy Island feel? 

  • HuntMac
    HuntMac commented on the comic, Redneck #26
    Redneck #26
    Damnnnnnn!!! This series is CONSISTENT with their final page turn reveals. Amazing series. I’m always coming back for more.
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