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  • HenreeBemis
    HenreeBemis commented on the comic, Self/Made #2
    Self/Made #2
    Just finished listening to the first two episodes of the podcast. It's really fun to hear the creators take on various scenes and how decisions in writing are made. This story took me by complete surprise and is developing into themes that are far more profound than I had been anticipating. Well done @Mat_Groom and team.
    • Mat_Groom

      Thanks so much @HenreeBemis I’m glad you’re digging it and finding value in the podcast... we’ll be having Eduardo on the issue #3 episode, and I think it’ll be great for you all to hear from him about his side of the process. Is there anyone in particular you’d like to hear from in later episodes?

  • Just took the first step in my endeavor to catch up with the Sandman Universe after picking up Books of Magic, Lucifer, The Dreaming, and House of Whispers #1s (I had heard good things). I finished Preludes & Nocturnes...
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    • gferg1991

      Quite possibly the greatest comic book story of all time. Read it for this first time this year and I absolutely love it! Going to be getting the 30th Anniversary edition trades as they come out. 

Fist comic I ever bought was SAGA #1, my wallet has been crying ever since.
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