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  • Hedgehog
    This was an interesting issue that answered a couple of questions finally that had been lingering around since #1, although from the sounds of it there's more to come next issue. This issue really felt like not just...
  • Hedgehog
    This was another great fun issue of this run. Tom Taylor continues to do an amazing job of writing and developing a fresh new exciting and intriguing story with these new characters. Just like the Squad's interactions with...
  • Hedgehog
    I was originally on the fence about getting this, but I'm glad I did. This just works perfectly, the way that The Flash and the Suicide Squad get involved feels very natrual and not forced at all. I guess this is the...
  • Hedgehog
    Even if he's not truly back to Nightwing yet, it was still really refreshing to have a story with him in the proper suit, despite the fact it was just set in the past really. In general this was a solid story with some...
  • First of all, just to get it out there, I'm really not a fan of the art on this cover or in the issue. It's cool Liam decided to colour his own pencils, and I can appreciate it and understand why people like it, but it's...
    • KatairaM

      I don't care for the cover art either. I'm interested to see how he does without a ring though. I'll have to read it after I read the new 80th anniversary edition 

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