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  • Gryffin
    Gryffin commented on the comic, Batman #52
    Batman #52

    Man, this issue has half as many owners as #50.

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    • EssArrBee

      You can see how many owners there are from the website in series view. Gotta add up variants though. I think there around 1800 people that have #50, 1200 for #51, and 772 for #52. 

  • Gryffin
    For a one-shot, this issue does a remarkable job of developing several characters very quickly. Godzilla himself isn't the main focus, but rather the lead is Zeus. Aphrodite and Ares develop well, too. The artwork is...
  • Gryffin
    The artwork is so good. It's set in Edo Japan, and the artwork is the same style. Honestly, the book is worth the price for the art alone. But the story's not half-bad either, although it develops into an unrealistic...
  • Gryffin
    Gryffin reviewed Snotgirl #3
    Snotgirl just keeps getting better. The character has issues, but she's also really interesting and fun to read. The other characters are realistic in a sort of fantastic way, and unique as well. The story is inriguing...
  • Gryffin
    Awesome character design, and interesting, diverse characters too. None of them are cliche, which is exceptionally rare in comics these days. The artwork overall is excellent. And the writing is very good. The conversations...
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