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  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw TP
    Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw TP

    This book continues to be great imo.  I know Lobdell is controversial and this is the only book I have ever liked from him.  The new 52 run was ok with a few great issues and a lot of stuff that was terrible but since rebirth it has been great.

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    • Taren

      I loved this series... It might be my favorite Rebirth title. But as Wheezy said it's good until about issue 25.

  • gregroyj42

    Question for the group.  My shop owner keeps talking about the dark reign story arc for Marvel.  Looking it up it looks like it was just a few issues in each of the affected books is that correct or am I missong something?

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    • masterofcomicsfu

      It was more of a status quo that followed Secret Invasion and lasted up until Siege. It's when Norman Osborn and HAMMER created their own Avengers and the heroes were kinda scattered and alternating between reluctant participants and fugitives from the law.

  • gregroyj42

    What were your favorite reads of the month?  I will keep my list to trades 

    Sentient by Jeff Lemire

    Goodnight Paradise by Joshua Dysart

    Avengers by Geoff Johns

    Rann-Thangar war by Dave Gibbons

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    • ObsessedNerd

      Hard one to pin down this month. But I'd say overall either the Marauders which has been consistently good. Or The Birds Of Prey which sadly doesn't look like we'll get any more of.

    • gregroyj42

      Kids started having things so I had to drive and wait, found myself reading a lot more highlights were Sentient, Goodnight Paradise, Avengers by Geoff Johns, and Rann-Thangar war.

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Rann-Thanagar War TP
    Rann-Thanagar War TP

    This was a suprisingly good read.  We get a lot of good character work for Adam Strange, Hawkman, Komand'r, and Captain Comet.  We also get to see some of the Omega Men and Green Lanterns.  This was a very fun story and the art is by Ivan Reis so you know that is good.

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