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  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, DMZ Book 4 TP
    DMZ Book 4 TP

    This one quote sums up how much this book speaks to our world and the U.S. specifically.  "We've become a nation of self-entitled individuals, in the worst sense of the word, each of us thinking the rules should bend for us.  That our point of view is valid to the extent that we can impose it on others."  If you have any affinity for political or war stories check this out.  

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Space Bandits TP
    Space Bandits TP

    This was just stupid predictable fun.  Most his work have great potential but due to their short length don't develop into anything.

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Event Leviathan HC
    Event Leviathan HC

    Is this even worth the time reading?  It just dropped on hoopla so free but events have worn me out.

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    • Hermatt

      Wasn't a fan. Kinda dragged for me and the reveal on who leviathan was fell flat. 

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Chrononauts Vol. 2 TP
    Chrononauts Vol. 2 TP

    As much as I loved the first series I think I disliked this just as much.  There are some fun moments but they are now using the technology to police and change tge past ok but our heroes play naive stooges it just didn't work.  Add in the fact that Millar went too crazy with the poltical statement it was slow and boring in the beginning got strong in the middle but totally sucked at...

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