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Uncanny X-Men #3
Things start to fall into place ...oh, maybe not
December 27th, 2018
So the team of Brisson, Rosenberg and Thompson had done a sterling job in making me want more after two issues. This issue we got some info as to whys (why Angel flew off and left Betsy, why were there so many Jamie's?) But we still didn't have the reasons for these whys and which side of the fence is Legion? It's also great that all the artists have similar (though far from identical) styles. Yildiray Cinar's pencils certainly matching those of Asrar. Annoying that got to track down an issue 4 as none available at work as really want to know more about the Horsemen of Life, Wellness, Bounty and Peace. Plot 8 Dialogue 7 Fun 8 (Madrox and Legion ftw) Art 7 Cover 5 (art solid but didn't like the design) Overall 7.5
Really Liked It


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