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Uncanny X-Men #1
New Jumping on point.
December 25th, 2018
A new Jumping on point for X-Men with a hefty price tag, but two solid stories. I'd really enjoyed Rosenberg on Multiple Man (having just read the trade) so giving this a go seemed a good idea with so much of my pull list (Transformers and GI Joe) finishing. I wasn't disappointed. The writing on the main story was on point with good dialogue and pace, good interaction and enough threads raised that I wanted to know more and plough in to issue 2. Fortunately as I picked this up well after release, was able to do exactly that. Oh yeah and it features Multiple Man and an unknown threat/adversary that has already got the better of and bound/deposited Apocalypse. Asrar's art was a mixed bag on X-Men Red, with some lovely panels and some sloppy work, but the consistency on this was much higher. The back up stories were also really solid, again raising questions I wanted answering, though had to read the Bishop part twice to ensure I hadn't missed something, despite it being fairly straight forward. All three artists were solid, though I really liked the work by Ibraim Roberson, who was the pick of the artists in the comic. High praise when you're in the same issue as Asrar and Bagley Main Story Plot 8 Dialogue 7 Fun 7 Art 7 Overall 7 Bishop Plot 6 Dialogue 6 Fun 6 Art 6 Overall 6 Jean Grey Plot 6 Dialogue 8 Fun 6 Art 8 Overall 7 Armor and Anole Plot 7 Dialogue ,7 Fun 7 Art 7 Overall 7 Epilogue Plot 8 Dialogue 7 Fun 7 Art 7 Overall 7 Comic overall 7.5 Cover 8
Really Liked It


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