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  • glcfarmboy
    glcfarmboy commented on the comic, Dark Days: The Forge #1
    Dark Days: The Forge #1
    Can't wait to see where this goes! The first issue gives just enough information to set up the big mystery and keep me coming back for more, without giving any secrets away. Fantastic artwork, too - the best I've seen from each of these artists in a long time, especially Jim Lee - top notch!
  • glcfarmboy

    Anyone reading the new Nick Fury book? Absolutely stunning!

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    • EssArrBee

      A lot of people said how good the first issue was, so I picked it up and was blown away. 

  • glcfarmboy
    Could this book have tried any harder to be PC and down with the kids? I can only imagine how embarrassing and offensive this book must be to members of the numerous minority communities they tried to shoehorn in!
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    • superunclea

      Theres naturally introducing a character. Then  theres shoehorning in characters. Having Sam Wilson take over Captain America and Joaquin Torres take over Falcon is naturally introducing them.  I'm all for new characters, or those taking over existing roles for being diverse, but don't throw spaghetti at the wall and try to staple it to the wall when it naturally will stick or it wont. America is a great character.

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