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  • giveemhellweg
    giveemhellweg commented on the comic, Batman: Damned #3
    Batman: Damned #3

    Well, this wrapped up what was a totally underwhelming arc. I can't believe I spent over $21 in the past year to say I own the bat penis series. Flash in the pan you were, "damned" -- the bat penis is the only thing you'll be remembered for. 

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    • Willalt

      Not really an art person per se, and rarely will buy issues because of artwork, but in the case of this series, the artwork was quite enjoyable, engaging, and didn't sacrifice story dialog to make an unnecessary splash page.  But with that said, I did feel like you in that the story itself was rather underwhelming.  There wasn't the depth I was expecting nor any sort of importance.  So I've 3 rather good looking, over-sized premium books that I don't know would be worth a re-reading, let alone the cover price.  Got to hope that any successive Black Label imprints will improve on what was done here.

  • aveline75
    aveline75 » giveemhellweg

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  • giveemhellweg
    giveemhellweg commented on the comic, Tony Stark: Iron Man #14
    Tony Stark: Iron Man #14

    I haven’t read this yet but this will be the last issue of this book that I read. 14 issues of lukewarm garbage is enough for me. It’s time to acknowledge that I didn’t like Slott’s Spider-Man and I don’t like his Iron Man so I probably don’t like Slott. Cutting bait before I spend any more money on this title. Iron Man, you are officially dropped. 

  • giveemhellweg
    giveemhellweg commented on the comic, Venom: On Trial #3
    Venom: On Trial #3

    THIS ARC WAS TOO GOOD. It's a little hidden Carnage, Spidey, Venom gem. 10/10 Instant classic. 

  • giveemhellweg
    giveemhellweg » giveemhellweg

    What happened to the mobile app? I went to download it today because my iPhone offloaded it to save data and they said that it didn't exist in the store anymore and I can't find it anywhere and my phone deleted the app. Is anyone having issues with the app? I really like having it on Wednesdays when I pick my books up so I can see what's come in and if I missed a book in my order. 

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    • Taren

      I use the website on my smartphone. It works great. 

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